Edition Size: 100 Signed & Numbered Prints
Location: Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Without doubt the absolute jewel in Cambodia’s crown and the single feature that makes Cambodia stand out from any other country in Asia are the extraordinary ruins of Angkor. Sprawling over a 45km area and spanning back over 2000 years Angkor is something exceptionally special. To say I was spellbound and memorised by this amazing place is an understatement of mammoth proportions. From about 1200 ad for about 2000 years the Khmer Empire ruled their kingdom from here over what is today Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and part of Thailand. It was a super power base for the time and it is a real blessing that much of it has survived intact throughout the ages to modern times that we are now able to visit and enthrall in. I was truly fascinated by several of the temples but I found something special in how the jungle has crept back through the Preah Khan Temple to such an extent where the ruins now rely on the massive trees to support them man and nature working in unison. This was most evident in this scene where the huge tree roots are literally encapsulating the ancient building holding it in a steady protective grasp.

Limited Edition Artworks

A Richard Hume Limited Edition Print is the culmination of an exacting process perfected over many years and designed with the single aim of producing the most stunning photographic artworks available.

This process includes incredibly high-resolution image capture utilising some of the world’s best film and digital camera systems, a post production process designed to ensure what is presented in print output is what Richard saw while taking the photograph, and a commitment to the world’s finest museum grade fine-art archival printing and framing standards.


The ultimate outcome is an exceptional artwork that will complete your living space and last through generations.

Every Limited Edition Print is produced by Richard personally to his own exacting standards. Additionally each print is produced individually to order and strictly limited to its edition size – when a print series is sold out no additional print will ever be produced.

Only when I am completely satisfied do I personally sign and number an individual print. 


The print is then registered and a personally signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity issued for it.

I work with clients all over New Zealand and around the world, with a very personalised service designed to create an exceptional artwork for your space.