I have created photographic fine art prints for over 20 years and have gained extensive knowledge of the finer details of this craft. This knowledge has led me to offer a highly personalised art consultancy service that is unique to each client. 
There is a myriad of options available from print media through to framing. I am able to help guide you through the choices to find the best solution for your space.

‘I work personally with customers from all over New Zealand to find the perfect solution for your space. Only the world’s finest, museum grade materials and craftsmanship is used in every step of production of a limited edition print’

Clients have differing needs but often the starting point is to see how an artwork will look on your walls. One service I provide is a mock-up of what a framed artwork will look like on your walls. To achieve this you send me a few clear photographs of the space where you intend to hang an artwork.
You can also send me the name of the photograph(s) you are considering. I will create a mock-up of the framed art on your walls, and initial thoughts on available options.

Fine Art Print Bespoke Solutions   

Much of my collection can be printed to mega-size allowing for some amazing solutions that really provide the ‘wow’ factor.
Also customers often want their artwork provided on an alternative material. I use the worlds finest canvas to create stunning canvas prints which can be stretched or finished in a box-frame.
Also for those wanting a super glossy look I have printed on FujiFlex for many years. This stunning media looks amazing framed or acrylic face-mounted.
When it comes to framing your print there are many options that can be considered. I frequently use Roma and Boden frame moldings or hand-make Italian Bellini frames. There are literally countless options available.
If you’re considering something more custom, please contact me. I’m very happy to make suggestions and love working with clients to find the perfect solution for your space.
Landscape photography of New Zealand. Lake in Canterbury at dawn with pink sky and reflection of snow capped mountains
New Zealand Landscape Photography Lake Mackenzie on the Routeburn Track. Dawn pink light of mountains reflected in lake.

To inquire about my art consultation service please contact me HERE

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