I first discovered my ability to compose an image and developed an all-consuming passion for photography when I picked up a 35mm SLR camera as a twelve-year-old. I am completely self-taught in landscape photography and worked for several years assisting studio photographers while living in London. This gave me great knowledge in understanding the fundamentals of light and a very wide experience of photography.

While living in London, I also discovered the awe-inspiring ability of medium format panoramic photography, and I became completely hooked. Upon returning to New Zealand, I focused on the niche I am most passionate about, which is creating landscape art photography.

We live in incredibly exciting times for photography. I am always very focused on challenging myself to take my photography to the next level. I am always inspired by the next photograph I will take.

The greatest reward I receive from my photography is creating an artwork that  clients want to take it into their home to complete a special living space.

For this reason, I do not enter competitions or actively collect awards for my work. It is a completely personal perspective however I have never been inspired by the opinions of other photographers (judges) in these competitions. Having my artworks hanging in the homes of my clients is the greatest reward and motivation for me.


I am eternally inspired by nature in all of its guises. Coming from New Zealand we are somewhat exposed to the elements and all of the wildness of the natural environment. I am never far from a beach or a forest and can easily access mountains etc. I am very fortunate that through my photography I have been able to travel to some amazing places.


Everything about the final art-works I create is designed to be of the highest quality available. I use a Fujifilm GFX100S camera and Fujifilm lenses as my camera system of choice. This is because it captures very large images with exceptional detail and clarity. I use a Gitzo tripod for all my images.

Photo Tours

I operate Photo Journeys which focuses on capturing beautiful photography in some of the most spectacular scenery throughout New Zealand. Moreover, we offer amazing photo tours and workshops designed around decades of experience shooting throughout New Zealand. Our goal is simple: to be at the right place, at the right time with the right knowledge to capture stunning images and have an amazing experience along the way.